Friday, September 20, 2013

Kyle Liberg’s Power Feed Modification

“This is an independent power feed I came up with for my Taig lathe. It uses a simple motor plate to attach 540 sized (RC car sized) motor to the backside of the lathe to run the feed independently of the spindle. This allows use of all 6 spindle speeds, and 3 variable forward/reverse speeds on the feed. The motor forward/reverse variable speed is provided via a modified tattoo gun power supply (thought I recommend use of a regular power supply for simple reasons of quality and Amp handling). “



  1. Great design Nick! It looks like a very simple, and well made motor. Are you looking to manufacture and sell these motors?

    Wayne. |

  2. definitely not, but I do think that someone could make a go of it.

  3. Nice article. Did you find any way of synchronizing the feed motor with the main spindle motor? I'm not understanding how you could cut threads with multiple passes otherwise.

    1. The Taig power feed is not a geared thread cutting system, it's just a power feed. It's not really possible to modify it to be synchronized.