Friday, November 13, 2009

Lew Bishop's Latest

Here's Lew's latest:

My old mahogany box salvaged from an old model flying buddy - in this case with some of the current crop of pens. Of note are the two on the right that are made from a 10 mm blank of fairly soft aluminum. Since the bodies are without the center band, a much more gentle shape can be turned. The finish is still eluding me and will require a lot more study and practice.

My current set up with the drawer box to hold the tools and act as a stand. The new additions are the longer dead center with more travel along with a new lever with softer edges and a cute knob on the end - borrowed from my b-in-law's parts drawer. The knob is also on the new tailstock lock lever as well as the new tool post lock.

The tool post is a refurb of the original tool post received with the purchase of the lathe many years ago. The hole was not clean so a new .25 hole was hogged out with a new shoulder recess to fit the new lock as well as new threads for larger hold down bolts for the tool. The anchor for the post is a machined 1/4 -20 bolt with the head milled and slots cut for the "t" to hold the bolt straight. Additional threads were required on the bolt to allow for proper clamping force. It works pretty well and loads into the slot very easily. I need to do a new post with the different anchor to test the process and to put the tool at the correct height without shimming. Later on the old post will be a guinea pig for an adjustable height device or something.

The latest pen turned from one of the rifle blank scraps that I cut last month. The grain of the walnut is just beautiful and is great to work with.

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Latest on the Power Feed Retrofit Kit

Taig Says:

"The K1016 is going to be $119.00 each. Should have them ready by next week. We are just waiting for the paper work to be printed."

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ron Kiely's Latest Light

Ron says: "I have just made this off road mountain bike light at the request of a total stranger who lives in Portugal. Made from 45mm Aluminium bar it was quite a challenge for the rear mounted cut-off tool, these lights get very hot so require 7.5mm deep grooves in order to keep them cool, I almost run out of lead screw trying to get the cut-off tool that far back. Also lots of very deep boring for the electronics compartment but the taig coped very well."



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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Powerfeed is ready...

[EDIT: Taig just emailed me that they forgot to include the cost of the new carriage extrusion in the power feed upgrade they're on hold until they get pricing figured out...Orders that have gone into them get the $80.00 price but everyone else should hold off for now...]

Taig says the Power Feed and Power Feed retrofit kits are ready:

The power feed lathe is # L1015.
The lathe includes the power feed, pulley set and mounting board. It is $305.00 retail.

The power feed retrofit parts kit is # K1016. It is XXXX retail.

Details of the retrofit are up at Taig's Taigmachines site

As always I'll give 10% off plus S&H.
I haven't had a chance to try the retrofit kit myself yet.

Taig also does not yet have individual part#'s for those wanting to mess around with the new useful parts. I'll let you know when I know.