Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Leon Dionne’s Taig Lathe Leadscrew

Leon sent his latest Taig modification, a leadscrew.


The lead screw on my lathe is a slightly modified version of the one by Dean Williams. Details for its construction can be found here on his web site. Thanks Dean. The hand crank mounted at the tail end of the lathe does not hinder the removal of the carriage, as I will show in the following photos.


A 1/4 inch drive was cut, drilled and mounted to the lead screw at the tail end of the lathe.


A socket (any size will do) was machined and silver soldered to the hand crank.


The hand crank can be installed and removed without the use of any tools for easy removal of the carriage. A .010 shim (not visible in the photo) was superglued to one face of the shaft to eliminate crank wobble.


Half nut assembly shown in engaged position.


Half nut shown in disengaged position.