Thursday, March 22, 2012

Derrick Kortvejesi’s Taig Lathe Indicator Holder

“Taig Lathe indicator holder cobbled together from a few homemade pieces and some pieces from a magnetic base mount.”
derk67derk68derk69derk70derk71“Turned this from a piece of key stock.”

Guy Zattau’s Limit Switches Update

“Found my info on limit switches while searching Taig cnc mill on Google. Here is the rest of the story. I just got the switches working and guess what?, they didn't always work reliable. So here is the fix and pics. A piece of brass .350"x.092" filed to a triangular shape, long enough to cut six .170" wide pieces. The top of the micro switch actuating lever and bottom of the brass piece are mildly scraped to make for better adhesion. Clean surfaces and use crazy glue to adhere the piece to the switch. Use a needle to apply a very small amount then once it is stuck add a small amount if there are any visible voids. I  tugged on them and it looks like they are strong. The ramps on the trigger pieces also have to be filed to about 60 degrees and may have to be adjusted for position.”

Wayne Mitzen’s Modified 3 Jaw Chuck Jaws.

Wayne Mitzen needed to turn down the head of a bolt, "I reversed the soft jaws and milled a slot  about 200 mil deep to clear the head and allow some room for re-truing the end of the jaws... actually will hold up to a 1/2" bolt. "

Peter Zicha’s Latest On The Taig Twins

“I have changed up my lathe benches to show the two Taig CNC twins right along side the manual electric Taig that has also been renovated .”

Friday, March 16, 2012

10 Minute Taig Motor Mount

I appreciate that the stock Taig motor mount works, and is inexpensive, but I decided to try out an idea I've had kicking around in my head for a while. I modified the stock motor mount with a few extra pieces. Total time was about 10 minutes, give or take...ok, maybe more like 20.
The parts: Stock taig mounting plate, 1/2" steel shaft with two #10-32 tapped holes to mount to the mounting plate, angle brackets made from 1/4" aluminum angle, drilled 1/2" and slotted. misc hardware.
In place. The mounting holes are inline with the predrilled mounting holes (notice the thin pencil line that picked them up). Slots mean you don't have to be precise.
Side view. Works like a charm and is much more rigid.