Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ron Kiely’s Taig Powerfeed Universal Joint Modification and Lock.

"Just thought that I would share the mods that I have done to my lathe after fitting the retro power feed kit. The spring drive idea simply didn’t work for me so I fitted a universal joint, I could only find a short one in the UK so had to make a small extension piece for it. I then decide that I would prefer the tail stock end of the leadscrew to be supported so made up a block that holds a brass bushing and drilled the end of the leadscrew to take a steel dowel. It all works a treat and I only have to slide the bearing block out of the dovetail in order to remove the carriage.
Oh and almost forgot. I made a hand wheel lock but I should have drilled the holes in the hand wheel closer together. But it works. I might order or make a new hand wheel and drill holes closer together one day."



  1. Hello Nick, i appreciate your blog as a new guy who is interested in lathes. I was wondering if it is possible to have an extension bed with a 200mm chuck on a Taig lathe. I saw there is an extension raising block increasing the capacity of the chuck lathe to 150mm(maybe i understand it wrong. So is it possible to extend it to 200mm? If not what is the biggest chuck that can fit on the Taig? The extension beds you showed have a gap between them, is it possible to stick them together?
    Well with these modifications i think that after many calculations i will save space, many kilos and maybe money, if it is possible to be done. Is there a dealer of Taig Lathes in Europe? I read that you also sell Taig lathes, is it true?
    How much all this modifications will cost inclunding the lathe ready for use?
    I would be interested to buy from you. Thanks in advance. jim

  2. It isn't really possible to go above 150mm, and there is no bed extension beyond that made by users and some pool cue repair supply places, only for light work in any case. If you need a lathe that large you should look for a larger lathe than the Taig. I don't sell to Europe, sorry.

  3. the hand wheel could also be locked by a small toggle clamp (carr lane etc)that will put pressure on the know the kind of toggle clamp with a threaded shaft for stroke length adjustment and rubber at the end .... it will have to be custom made because the ones on the market are too big and you wont have to drill holes in the wheel.
    hope this helps...