Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bill Marvel’s Spindle Lock

Bill Marvel says, "Over the years I occasionally have seen the need for some sort of spindle lock.  I have seen several ideas but they were far more complicated than I needed.  Cutting threads with a Taig die holder in the tailstock is one of those times, especially if you are threading a hard alloy.  I don't seem to have quite enough hands to hold the pulley (or spindle wrench), put some positive pressure on the work and turn the die holder with a tommy bar. So, I took a length of 1/2" square aluminum rod and drilled some mounting holes for the headstock.  I centered a cross hole and tapped it for 10-32.  I drilled a hole in one of my steel spindle wrenches.  It ain't pretty but it is very functional.  Easy to mount, remove and store.bmarvel01bmarvel02

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