Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ed Maisey's Compound Slide Modifications

Ed Maisey says, "If you are familiar with the Hardinge HLVs  the mod is a scaled down version of their eccentric top slide locking arrangement. Applying this feature increases the centre line height by .250 above centre, but I believe that problem can be solved by either making two 1/4 in riser blocks (my preference) it will not weaken the stability of the lathe to any extent, or the other alternative would be a drop down tool holder but there would be no opportunity to be able to move the tool bit.”
“The QC is 3/4 scale from an original set on my Drummond "M" type they are manufactured by KRF Omni-Post they work very well, and I had their permission, The Sensitive Knurling tool is in 3/4 scale from full size from Hemingways UK.”

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  1. Nice work! Did you try a flat head screw mounted to the lower half of the compound fastened to a tnut on the cross slide?