Thursday, June 14, 2012

Monty Remon Is Still Working On His Thread Box

Monty says,  "I had a frantic few days on my Thread Box, shifting the pitch input workings from the front to the back, making use of redundant fittings and applying some markings. I think the back plate has had about as much recycling as possible so a new one will be the last job on this project. I am going to put my feet up now."
"I succumbed to temptation and found another quick job on my Thread box, as the pic will show I turned down the large gear boss to accept the coupling system for the 20 - 80 tpi range. That brass pitch input knob is from my plumbing box again, just a step down adapter with a nylon insert."
“Just a small modification to the clutch thingy, I have gone from a radial grub screw to an axial one, the 90 deg. edge is better than the radius.”

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