Thursday, May 22, 2014

Lou Somer’s Home Brew Drill Press Milling Rig

“Here are a few pics of a home brew drill press milling rig I've tinkering with if you would care to post them.  Previous to this I stacked feeler gauge blades to shim the quill down. It worked but it was an ordeal at times. This set up eliminates all the aggravation. It uses an infeed table from a 4" wood jointer. Depth of cut is controlled by an elevation screw. The advantage to this rig is that the quill stays in the home position where it is the most stable. Pictures show an action shot, table down, table up, and the elevation screw. This table raises about 1/2". Since it's on a pivot it also moves to the right about 5/8" at full elevation making it best to do grooves and shoulders on the x axis.”

lousom44 lousom45 lousom46 lousom47

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