Thursday, May 22, 2014

Jack Bonofey’s Taig Chuck On His Prazi Lathe

Jack Bonfoey mounted a Taig chuck on his Prazi lathe:

“Here is the story and a few pictures of the Taig chuck on my Prazi SD-300 lathe. 
By the way, this is the link to the yahoo group where this started:
I wanted a 4-jaw independent chuck for my older Prazi SD-300 lathe, but I don't believe you can buy one any longer. I heard some folks where having a "register" (recess) cut into the back of a Taig 1030 chuck and adding studs to mount it like the Prazi 3-jaw chuck. There is a person in United Kingdom who will do this, but with shipping and difference in exchange rate it would have been over $200 (half of what I paid for the used lathe).
So, I got the idea to buy an 2MT to 3/4"-16 arbor from Little Machine Shop and just screw on the Taig 1030 chuck. I happened into your website when searching for a Taig chuck, and I've been pleased with the support I've got from you. I also liked the quite affordable Taig accessories that screw-on to the 3/4"-16 spindle.
I put it all together today and it had a little over .003" run out on the face of both the chuck and the face plate. So, I took your good advice and did a very light facing cut on the arbor right where the chuck and face plate mount. In the attached arbor picture the cut would be right on the nut portion of the arbor facing the camera. Then it went down to less than .001" run out, which is more accurate than about anything I can do.”bonfoey01 bonfoey02 bonfoey03 bonfoey04 bonfoey05

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