Thursday, May 22, 2014

Eldon Johansen's Taig Mill Modifications

“A 1/4-20 bolt runs all the way through the spindle body. (the 10-32 threads and clearance hole on the dovetail clamp have been drilled out for 1/4th inch clearance)
I highly recommend making this modification!

I made a cradle from about 40 pounds of 1.25 inch wide angle iron 1/4th thick. (left over from a failed project) and it worked well, but i would do it again differently ( actually, i did, i'll upload some new photos soon.) (the new cradle i built is cement filled 2 inch square steel tubing.) another modification that is visible in the photos but hard to make out is i removed the bar behind the Z axis and mounted it 4 inches higher, then welded a brace on the back of the mill. (i'll get a few more photos soon) (however, i don't recommend anyone do this because welding the bar will warp it, i spent some time with a file and a grinder to smooth it out, even a few thousanths of warpage will cause the Z axis to bind) the reason why i did this is because the mill only has 5 inches of Y axis travel for the first two inches of Z axis travel. the Z axis leadscrew and ways get in the way, and the stock arrangement has the axis of the spindle sitting 3.75? inches away from the leadscrew.. i've run things into the leadscrew before...

Another modification i made was to flip the Y axis ways over, so they extend an inch further out toward the operator. 1.5 inch long steel tube sections hold the y axis stepper motor 1.5 inches further toward the operator.flipping the ways over will also compensate for wear by swapping left and right.
flipping them end over end will move one of the mounting holes, and you will have to drill and tap one hole in each one (might not be necessary for light milling)”

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