Saturday, May 22, 2010

John Rollason's Taig Leadscrew

John Rollason says, "some pictures of the lathe recently supplied by yourself via my friend in Florida. We have fitted a manual leadscrew as I can't get on with the rack and pinion. The production version utilizes the redundant carriage handwheel at the right hand end. There is no drilling or damage to the bed. We are proposing to market the kit, is there any interest from your side of the world? Cost would be be about $90. ex works. I don't have a web site but I would be happy to be contacted via email:"


  1. I want one of these setups. This is one of the slickest I have seen, and I hope they are available and that the email address is still current.

  2. I think I commented on the wrong entry.. I want one of these lead screw kits! It is one of the slickest I have seen on the web. I emailed him and hope his address is still valid and that he can provide one.