Friday, May 21, 2010

Bob Eckstein's Handwheels

Bob Eckstein sent pics of his latest mod:

I thought you might like to see a very simple way I found to improve the readability of the scales on Taig lathe handwheels. The diameter of the wheels is approximately 31.46 mm. giving a circumference of 98.85. With the additional thickness of a sheet of good quality paper, the circumference is exactly 100 mm.
I used an open-source graph printing program to print 2 mm gradations on the paper and then applied narrow strips to the handwheels on the cross slide and compound by moistening the paper in thin cyanoacrylate cement. This gave 50 divisions per revolution for a measured advance of 0.001 inch per division. Much more visible than the markings engraved in the metal.


  1. I want one of these setups. It is one of the slickest I have seen on the web. I hope that his email is still current, and that he can create or supply the needed items.

    1. Entered in wrong post. I do like the above though and may give it a shot.