Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Jay Friedman’s Motor Mount

I recently made the motor mount you laid out in a drawing with the following description on your web site: "Motor mount A crude sketch of a useful motor mount I use on the Taig lathe".  Two photos are attached.

I made it from aluminum angle pieces and 3/8" threaded and unthreaded rod as well as the necessary nuts and collars as per your drawing.  I added a turning handle to the end of the threaded rod that I purchased.   In addition to what was included in your drawing, I tacked a thin sheet of shimming material under the sliding components of the new motor mount to form what I call a "wear pad" to minimize wear on the Taig mounting board.  It was not particularly difficult to make except it took some experimenting with different circumference Gates belts fore I had the right 450 mm. belt.  Using a string around the pulleys didn't seem to work and they are only a few dollars on 

I use a 1/3 hp Dayton 1075 rpm capacitor motor I bought on ebay for $40.  It is physically smaller and lighter than the usual 1725 rpm motors, and I like that it turns the lathe a bit slower. 


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