Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Taig 1045ER ER16 to Taig Spindle Adapter

Taig mailed me a new accessory for the lathe, the #1045ER ER16 to 3/4"-16 Taig lathe spindle adapter.

The hexagonal portion threads onto the lathe spindle. The collet is inserted into the nut (snapping into the eccentric ring) and then screwed loosely into the body. Then the tooling or workpiece is inserted into the collet and the collet tightened. You will need two 1" wrenches to use this chuck as well as ER16 collets.

Here it is mounted on one of my two Taig lathes for testing.

I checked runout on the two lathes with several different pins and collets. Runout was between .0005" and .002" depending. While that may seem rather large on the high end there are a lot of little errors that stack up with adapters like this. For much work it's certainly better than the standard collets or chucks.

The long 3/8" double end mill below wouldn't go far enough into the spindle to chuck securely, but you can see a standard 3/8" fits fine. (runout on that endmill was .001")

Using the Adapter to hold steel rod for machining. It grips securely and on this steel rod showed under .001" of runout. This is far more versatile than the standard Taig collets for workholding as the ER16 collet will collapse 1/32" from nominal size so that a wide range of work can be held.

The part number and price:
1045ER $26.95 ER16 Collet Adapter

As with most of the accessories I sell it receives the 10% discount.


  1. Nick,

    What is the size of the through hole in the adapter?


  2. Nick,

    The blog is a good idea for you customers. Will this be an open discussion forum?


  3. Nick::

    Interesting indicator in the 3rd photo. Care to elaborate?

    ER16 Adapter looks interesting - perhaps for use on the Sherline?


  4. Just realized I hadn't set it up to notify me when comments were posted...

    Dave, 27/64" drill bit will go through the hole, a 7/16" won't.

    Well it's best to either ask on the taigtools group or email me, but I'll answer stuff here as well...

    It's a home made setup...holding a Mitutoyo back plunger indicator.
    show it off better. Very simple.