Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dennis Hill's Patio Umbrella Fix

Dennis Hill sent in these pics of his patio umbrella fixes.

The fixed umbrella

"2 of the 8 ribs supporting the umbrella canopy were broken in the middle where the lifting ribs were attached. I milled the broken rib ends square and made inserts to fit inside the extruded alum ribs. Then I secured them with screws. The lifting ribs could then be remounted to the new alum rib inserts."


"The umbrella column was broken clean off where it went into the patio table. I milled the column off square and then turned an alum insert to fit up inside the original column and down into the base support tube. I then constructed a small spring driven push button in the insert to allow the umbrella to be locked in a specific position within the column. The new column insert was attached to the original column with a bolt and lock nut hidden under an existing plastic shroud."

Another view.

Pictures also posted on the Pictures page.


  1. Based on the pictures, Dennis Hill made a very good job on the patio umbrella fix. It just looks so stable and strong. I hope the umbrella won't break again. But if it happens, I'm sure Dennis could fix it again. Have a good day guys!

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