Friday, March 14, 2014

Flint Spatula (Turner) Rivets

I had a spatula that separated due to broken rivets. I love these old style spatulas (turners). I wish I knew where to get new ones made of thin spring steel. I buy them whenever I see them at yard sales.spat02
Some stainless rod turned down for a rivet. spat03
Checking with the spatula blade for fit. spat04
The handle has a larger hole than the blade. spat05
Parting off. I made them a little long, next time I’ll leave them shorter.spat06
Much peening later. It would have been less work if there was less rivet and the holes were the same size.
This is the brand. I think they were bought out by Ecko. You can buy them on Ebay for $15-$20, less if you’re patient.
Notice I made a few dings…well a dented spatula is better than no spatula. 


  1. Nice fix, Nick! How does stainless turn on the little Taig?

  2. It turns ok, although you need a sharp tool, lowest speed and relatively light cuts (but no rubbing, or the stainless will work harden). Small diameter like this is fine. Doing larger diameters is a lot less fun.

  3. Best spatula known to mankind. Don't know why nobody makes them so well anymore, doesn't seem it would be so hard for them to do. Nice work.

  4. Love my Flint spatula great repair.