Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Monty Remon’s Taig Lathe Flex Shaft Holder

"Planning ahead I thought I would make a new flexi tool mounting assy., ready for port work on my experimental engine cylinders.
I had a piece of 1x2x4 aluminium that should be up to the job, all I had to do was bore a 25mm hole and numerous mounting holes. The design of the mount meant I could not swing it in the lathe, I did not think that I could easily adjust the cut on a between centres boring bar so I opted for a boring head and I made one out a piece 1/2x1 ally., and fitted my Glanz 6mm boring bar. The whole thing is mounted in my chuck, it can be easily centred and the cut tweaked a thou at a time on the opposing jaws, the milled groove acts as a pivot point on the torquey side of the block, the nut and bolt is needed to balance the jaws! The drive mounting block was clamped to the x-slide and a 22mm hole saw pressed into action, then the hole opened out to 25mm with my boring head. As the pics show my flexi drive can be mounted on the x-slide and milling slide in different positions. It was only after drilling all the mounting holes and having a cup of tea I realised that if I removed a 1/2" piece from the top surface I could invert the block and mount the flexi drive on the compound in an out rigger fashion, and the shaft conveniently clears the winding gear! I have no excuse now for grinding my ports wrong."


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