Monday, June 6, 2011

Monty Remon’s Notes on His Improved Tailstock Linkage Bracket

remon100 I had some 1/8" brass sheet arrive so I thought it was time to improve the bracket on my drilling tailstock mod.. It will get you 1-1/2" closer to the headstock after reversing the tailstock when working over the x axis slide, it will also reduce side loads the ram puts on the clamping area at extreme ranges of movement. I have only just noticed after all this time that I under claimed the advantages of my rotating the tailstock mod.. The improvement should have been 1-1/2" not 3/4".
I have also just noticed that the bracket could be left in place when the tailstock is repositioned normally, and that it might be beneficial if the ram works against the brass edge then some load is taken off the air gap and is transferred to the clamping bolt assy.? (I did drill the hole first then file the edge until I had a running fit with no rocking evident.)


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