Thursday, April 7, 2011

Irv Bakeland’s Sherline Motor Adaptation for the Taig Mill.


  • Instructions for Installing the Sherline Motor-Controller on the Taig Mill: Caution: Make sure to unplug the mill before making this conversion. Also, hand turn the spindle to make sure that there is no interference before powering up the converted mill. 1. Unplug the mill, remove the belt, the motor, the motor mounting post, the switch box and the cord. Lay aside the two "square nuts" that are used to mount the motor post. These are needed to mount the Sherline motor bracket. 2. Loosen the spindle pulley setscrew with a 3/32 inch hex wrench. Using a heat gun or an 1800 watt hair dryer. set on high, heat the spindle pulley. Do NOT overheat, as you may melt the grease in the top bearing. Using an oven mitt. pull off the old Taig spindle pulley. Notice the flat spot on the spindle shaft that the setscrew locks onto. 3. This is a good time to adjust the preload on the bearings with the preload nut to eliminate any vertical movement of the spindle. Lay the specially made aluminum spacer sleeve over the stub of the spindle and then the modified Sherline spindle pulley onto the top of the spindle shaft, with the setscrew position aligned with the flat on the shaft. Depending on your particular spindle shaft, the pulley will slide on with minimum or no pressure. It has been machined for easy install and removal to allow access to the spindle preload nut. Tighten the setscrew with the 3/32" hex wrench. 4. Place the two short special length stainless socket headed screws through the two round holes in the zinc dicast Sherline motor mounting bracket. Thread the two saved Taig "square nuts" onto the ends of the capscrews until their tips are even with the end of the threads on the nut. 5. Slide the square nuts of the assembly into the "T" slot of the milling head on the right side with the corner of the bracket even with the top corner or end of the "T" slot. Finger tighen the screws to make sure that they do not bottom out on the bottom of the "T" slot. If they do, use the supplied washers under the head of each screw to prevent the screws from bottoming on the "T" slots. 6. Make sure that the belt is on the large sheave of the motor pulley inside of the belt guard. Wrap the belt over the small sheave of the spindle pulley with the motor controller unit tilted to the left. Carefully position the motor controller unit until it lays down with the two aluminum mounting holes align with the slots of the motor bracket. Using the two 3/4 inch long socketed headed screws with the included washers, thread the screws through the bracket slots into the aluminum threaded motor mounting holes. Apply light tension to the belt by sliding the motor unit to the right. Tighten the screws. 7. Turn the spindle by hand to make sure there is no interference or drag on the assembly. The clearance between the belt guard and the top of the spindle pulley should be about 3/32 inch, the thickness between the 3/32 hex wrench's flats. If you experience any vibration, it would be due to incorrect belt pulley alignment. Belt drives are very forgiving. A little wobble or misalignment is acceptable, as long as there is no vibration. All motors and drives, like machines and machine tools vibrate a little due to "backlash." Machines adjusted too tight are hard to move and will generate excessive heat. 8. You have completed the conversion. Enjoy near vibration-less variable speed operation of your new Sher-Taig Mill.


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