Saturday, March 5, 2011

Monty Remon’s Engine and Misc. Projects

Another little problem I finally got round to sorting is the end of the milling slide l/screw marking the top edge of the cross slide when located in the fore/aft position. I fitted a limit stop in the form of a grub screw and lock nut to a redundant corner of the l/screw mounting plate and set it to give a few thou., clearance on the l/screw. The observant amongst you will have noticed the resemblance of the slide to a Swiss cheese, the extra holes help to mount the slide at 45 degs on the cross slide.


I guess you might wonder what I do with my lathe rather than what I do to it, so I'll include a few photos of what I am really interested in. I like to modify/tune/repair model diesel engines, I selected P.A.W. engines because they are cheap and cheerful, if a bit agricultural. One pic is of a PAW 2.49 contest diesel going through my hands at the moment, the only parts not replaced or tweaked are the gudgeon pin and the prop., nut. I have developed two new induction systems (both work well), two new carb's., one is a straight swap with the PAW venturi but works like a COX peripheral, the other one is adjustable, annular jet, made to fit my Oliver Tiger but suitable for any thing that sucks. I also have an automatic variable venturi system not yet running. As for cooling, I have just got on top of cylinder heads (groan), well I was going to say I had cylinder jackets all wrapped up (you want more?). Porting and transfer passages is the latest avenue (!) I am exploring, my mock-up cylinders are made out of acrylic tube as it helps to understand work/tool alignment and where the cutters are going and how much material is left, but I'm sorry to say I can't show any pics of the porting as the results would be clearly seen (is that one groan or two?). A few pics of my first bar stock engine with a new induction system running on the test bench, far better than I expected for a new concept, still room for tweaking things though. A pic of some bar stock components ready for induction experiments, I have been getting my moneys worth out of the milling slide.


The next stuff I will be sending is in progress, I'm going DC. I've tacked all the boxes together to test it. So I've just made a slightly larger pulley extension that includes a drum 60 div., facility, machined in the same manner as my chuck mod., but now I realize I've lost a facility I used a lot with my old disc type system, I could use clamps on the perimeter and stops on the headstock so that I was able to mill arcs with a degree of precision- so today it will be another disc system. Last night I found out that 5.5mm hex bar locates and slides smoothly in the 'T' slots, so using the side slot and a top slot on the new head stock there is a .25" radius diff., room for 60+72 div., holes and a clamping zone on a 3.75" disc, I can feel it is all going to come together nicely.


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