Monday, March 15, 2010

New Pictures

Some new pictures sent in by Lew Bishop, Lou Somers, Michael Paznar and Norman Crowson.

Lew Bishop writes, "Finished a milling attachment similar to the one made by Dean Williams and now need to get a set of collets to avoid the jaws of the chuck (which seem to be attracted to my fingers). I think that using the stock Taig units at this time will work just fine as the range of size is OK . I'm enclosing the pics of the attachment to show my interpretation of Deans fixture. I actually got the attachment to work and immediately realized that rigidity is the mother of milling - had to add additional bolts to the T-slots - total four - rather than the two that fit the holes in the angle plate. "

Lou Somers:

I used a 100 tooth blade as an index for graduating lead screw dial. As a detent I used a block of aluminum set against the motor pulley to hold it square and simply moved it back and forth as I rotated the blade to the next tooth. Worked great. All re cuts were dead on.

I set the carriage stop at .125 and cut all 100 divisions, each one being .0005. I then reset the stop at .250 and recut every other division, each being .001. I then reset the stop at .375 and recut every tenth division, each being .005. Finally I removed the stop and made a full cut at every twentith division, each being .010.

I find this dial much easier to use than the one on the Taig carriage. As you can see there is no cursor on it. I graduated it simply as an exercise to see if I could do it. When nessecary I use an indicator on the carriage.

boring bar holder

This may or may not be news to anyone but if you should break or wear out a short belt snatch one of your wife's elastic hair ties. They're not a perfect solution but if you take light cuts they can help keep a project moving till you get a new belt.

For reverse twist to figure 8.

Michael Paznar:

drilling a "prop saver for my little rc airplane"

"I should mention I modelled mine after the black one on the left."

"the prop saver is the first thing I have machined, it involved mostly using my taig lathe but also my sherline 5400 mill to drill and tap the holes.soon this will be on my GWS slow stick."

Norman Crowson:

Thought you might enjoy seeing a tiny brass gear made on my Taig mill... used a rotary table plus a gear cutting wheel to tooth a gear blank I turned on my atlas lathe using a microscope and DI.The brass gear replaces the delrin gears (black in the photo) that go on my Bachmann Climax HO Locomotive... the delrin gears are splitting on their axles.One gear down and 11 to go to finish the project. More details are available by email to any that might have an interest.

a tiny universal joint or "swivel" made on the Taig mill and atlas lathe for Bachman Shay and Climax locomotives ...

Thanks Guys!

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