Monday, September 21, 2009

A Short Talk with Taig

Had a short conversation with Taig just now. The power feeds are almost (a few more weeks/month out) done, assuming all goes well. It will be difficult to retrofit the power feed to existing lathes. You either have to flip the bed around so the foot is at the tailstock end or you'll have to mill/file the lip that holds the rack off.

They also told me they are almost done with boring heads that have 3/8" shanks. I don't know what they'll look like but they're sending me one so I'll report on that when I get it.

I also asked about the rack/pinion pitch for a customer - turns out it's 64 DP 20 deg although the rack itself is off slightly (like 63.4 DP he wasn't sure) having been threaded on a special fixture. But close enough.


  1. Nick,

    Earlier discussions about this stated that to use the new drive, a new bed was fitted with the new drive components, and that the cost for this was around $120.00. Is this still correct?

    Rick Kernell

  2. I have no idea about costs as yet. As soon as I hear anything I'll put it up on the blog & yahoogroup.